A transformational 6-week program for women to awaken to abundance and magnetize more wealth into their life. 

"I used Heidi’s ideal scenes, laying out what it is that I want and how I want to feel in that position or that role. It was as if magic occurred, and out of nowhere, truly, an opportunity presented itself and I have now been working for the past month and a half in a role that speaks to so much of what it is I believe in!"

- Alexis

"Being part of Magnetic allowed me to become the women I always envisioned of being. Not only did I launch a business I had dreamt about for many years, but I manifested a new collaboration that allows me to do what I love most."

- Lizelly

"What I learned in this program is that it wasn’t about the money. I know I’m going to make a huge impact in this world, I’m going to be a huge success, and I’m going to have all the money I desire. I now know that it’s more about enjoying the journey and I’m so thankful for that lesson."

- Tiffany

“I knew I wanted more out of life on many levels (spiritually, financially, etc.) but I wasn’t very clear on how to execute. Heidi helped me strategically navigate growing my business I went from making $2500 per month to reaching my first $10,000 month in the first few months of her program."

- Nikki, Intuitive Branding Coach

"I was able to breakthrough my blocks and go all in on my coaching business, focus on money making activities, get clarity on my ideal clients and price points, and make my first $10k in my business!!"

- Hilary, Brand Strategist and Coach

"Like most of you 2020 started out as a crazy year - I’m a wife, mother and business owner and found that I had lost myself. I was struggling with anxiety and I needed something to get me back to me. That is exactly what this program has done. Heidi delivers it all in a very loving, relatable and unpretentious way. It has the power to completely transform your life and I couldn’t be more happy and thankful that I went through the program."

- Patrice, Entrepreneur 

"I really took advantage of the hot seat coaching calls each week - her perspective was spot on and propelled me the rest of the week. I feel like a new person. I know that sounds cliche but I have a new standard and a new way of living. I feel more confident, willing and trusting."

- Rihana

"Heidi as a teacher is magical. But the best part is the fire, love and passion that she brings. Heidi made me feel seen and helped me stop doubting myself. She can see the journey you are on but doesn’t give you the map. She empowers you to find your way on your own and that transformation will last me a lifetime."

- Maxie

"She took me from stuck, overworked, and underpaid by clients to supported, set-up, and confident in my pricing that has allowed me to double my income. I was able to hire a team, have 18k months and growing, and take a weekend off which I have not been able to do in five years!"

- Ashley, Photographer

"I honestly don't think I fully realized how much my self doubt, bad habits, limiting beliefs and fear were getting in the way of my success. I have been given invaluable guidance and the push/support I've needed for years to run my business. I just closed 4 clients, had a $7700 week, and 2 $10k+ months in a row!"

- Catherine, Stylist 

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