Aligned with Abundance
Planning Session and Guide For Only $27
The workshop that teaches you the science behind manifesting so you can take full control of your mind, body and spirit regardless of what’s going on in the world.
Here is everything you’re getting access to:
  • Aligned with Abundance 4-Part Workshop Video Series teaching you the science behind manifesting, how to tap into the quantum field and get clear on your vision.
  • Aligned with Abundance PDF Workbook to guide you through your Completion of letting go of anything from the past weighing you down & welcoming in a whole new vibration and energy.
  • ​Aligned with Abundance Mantras Unlike your standard guided meditation, there’s nothing you need to do but pop in your earbuds to reap the benefits of this guided integration. 
  • *BONUS* 7 Step Proven Wealth Manifestation Method Video Series (50min of money manifestation training!)
  • *BONUS* ​Clearing Energy, guided meditation to let go of any stagnant energies and clear your entire field as you move into your new year and future self!
  • ​*BONUS* ​Aligned with Abundance Screensavers and Phone Reminders! Everywhere you look should be a reminder of the future self you are creating and who you are stepping into. 
*IMPORTANT* Before you purchase, please read everything this purchase contains and what you will have access to once completing your purchase! 
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